MIST plays a sold out O2 Forum, Kentish Town

The Birmingham born and raised musician has been making waves in the UK for some time now and especially since the release of his successful (and strong) EP also named Diamond in the Dirt so anticipation was high for the sold out performance. 

Warming up the crowd was none other than UK Hip-Hop legend Tim Westwood, who hosted the stage for three short performances from Birmingham artists Beeks, K2 + Tana and Mowgli. In what has been a good year for UK artists who reside outside of London getting more airtime and recognition in the scene, it was a great moment to see the display of talent coming from the midlands and all three showed the London crowd what we’ve been missing. 

Following the support acts, Tim Westwood treated us to a few crowd pleasing Medleys (along with some questionable declarations of sleaziness to all the ladies in the room) that had the crowd moshing from the get-go.

After a pretty stealthy line-up of support acts, legendary UK producer Steel Banglez entered the stage and played a few of his recent hits and then consequently stayed on the ones-and-twos throughout MIST’s performance. When the curtain came up and MIST came on it was clear that this was going to be as much an experiential treat as it was one for the ears from the setting alone. 

The stage was dressed with a large medicinal looking screen and dozens of (fake) cannabis plants, which admittedly at first glance looked like Christmas trees but paired with the screen and MISTs all white get-up it gave it a laboratory style vibe and felt all the more immersive as suspect aromas from the crowds seemed to fill the air every so often. 

MIST kicked off with Karlas Back and the way that people were reciting and singing back his lyrics from the word go was an indicator of how much the crowd were looking forward to his coming. Not long after the start of the show, we were joined by Brummy duo, Lotto Boyz, who performed one song with MIST and then their own No Don - which was a welcome treat for the crowd, although difficult to see much on stage past the sea of iPhones raised in pursuit of a pic for the gram. 

We were then treated to some more music from the album and an appearance from Mo Stack, who performed a few of songs with MIST including Fisherman. Probably one of the most memorable moments of the night was during Moshpit, which as the title suggests made for a full ten minutes of madness as the song got pulled up and Mo Stack removed his trainers, presumably to get the full extent of the fun.  

The second half of the show saw an outfit change from MIST and a shout-out to his tracksuit gang, as well as regular referrals to his Apnars, Karlas and Goras throughout the whole (terms loosely coined from Punjab referring to his Asian, Black and white fans), Somewhat of a tagline of his. 

If the energy wasn’t high enough already both on stage and in the crowd, it certainly levelled up as Lethal Bizzle came on to perform a couple of tunes, of course POW being one of them which again had the crowd exploding and Lethal B too as he fly-kicked around the stage. 

After Lethal B made his exit, the spotlight was back on MIST and Steel Banglez for the rest of the show which was a nice way to be able to appreciate him and his music to the fullest. Despite the high quality array of talent that joined him, from the amount of enthusiastic and hyped up fans in the audience a solo performance for the rest of the show went down well. With the attention solely back on him it gave him and the audience the opportunity to appreciate the music and his journey so far to success. 

Closing the show with popular single released last year, Game Changer, the energy didn’t wane as it was pulled up multiple times and made for an impactful finish with adrenaline levels high. Overall, a brilliant display of his talents and a thoroughly enjoyable show from start to finish.