Elohin's ‘R 2.0 Let’s Continue’ Album Review

The second album from Lon C. Harris, aka Elohin (pronounced El-o-in) is a 13 track offering, ‘R 2.0 Let’s Continue’. Elohin is a rap and hip artist, who also works as a missionary and aims to inspire and encourage his listeners, through his music, to grow in their faith.

Elohin is an American artist, who comes from Detroit, Michigan. He tackles issues such as racism and other social issues, such as injustices carried out against people. He also talks about more personal things like relationships.

The lead single from the album is ‘Lost in You’ featuring Ashley Garza. Other singles taken from the album incude ‘Abe Lincoln’ and ‘Talking’. They are all extremely honest songs.

The intro to the album, ‘R 2.0’, is very soulful and quite unexpected for a rap album. Elohin raps about his music (“this is art with a purpose”) and it’s a nice way to lead into the other tracks. It gives the listener an idea of what to expect.

‘Talking’ has some excellent beats. Elohin discusses how some of the topics he raps about can be deemed controversial (“my topics are not popular”).

In ‘Man on the Bus (1995)’, a story is told about his encounter with a stranger who changed his life and gave him advice, only for Elohin to realise that the man on the bus was his future self. This narrative style is very interesting to listen to.

‘Abe Lincoln’ ft. Calik addresses racial profiling in America (“being dark is not wrong”). He certainly isn’t afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to calling for equality between races and sexes. There is a personal aspect to the song too when Elohin raps “thank God I cleaned up.” This is in reference to his past lifestyle involving money, girls and violence. He changed his ways and this is conveyed in his musical content.

Another stand out song is ‘Censor Me’ and is also another personal one. As listeners we are told that Elohin can’t be censored and that those who “want [him] to play safe” will be disappointed.

‘You Don’t Know’ ft. Ryan Valdiviez deals with mental health issues such as depression and religion. It feels like this song was cathartic for Elohin and he describes it as his “confessions”. He delves deeper into his personal life and discusses his “new image”.

‘Enough’ ft. Janee Monica is about his beliefs of the Second Coming of Jesus. It asks: essentially, if you take away all the glitz and glamour of the music industry, what would you want in life? And is Jesus ‘enough’?

‘Opinions’ is the last track on the album and arguably the most thought-provoking. It tackles the difficult issue of the shooting of young black men in America. Powerful statements are made, “I wish I could talk to Malcolm. I wish I could talk to Martin. I would love to get their opinion.” A fictional conversation between Elohin and Dr King is used to put forward Dr King’s ideas on how people in America need to come together for “peace and brotherhood” to occur. Quotes from Malcolm X are also used in a very innovative format. I can’t say I have ever heard anything like this being done on a record before.

All in all, ‘R 2.0 Let’s Continue’ is a very good album. It is thought-provoking, current and has excellent beats too. There is something for everyone and some very important messages are portrayed on this album.

The album was released late last year and is available on all digital outlets.