Majid Jordan live in Kentish Town

Warming up the crowd was Parisian based DJ and Producer, Stwo, who played a fluid set of
mellow hip hop beats, peppered with the odd club banger; a standout one being a slowed
down, bassy remix of Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River which sounds like it might’ve
cleared the venue but definitely set the audience up for the rest of the evening.

When Majid Jordan graced the stage, it was immediately obvious from their presence and
excitement that they were going to put on a show, and that they did. They performed a range
of songs from their two albums and EP, but one of the more standout moments was
definitely Something About You at which point during the chorus the atmosphere amongst
the crowd harmoniously switched up from being more mellow to belting-it- out-in- the-shower
type vibes. This is no doubt owed to the connection that Majid made with the audience and
how clearly passionate and upbeat he was that transcended into the crowd.

The minimal stage setting (mostly strobe lighting matched to the colouring on their albums)
meant it didn’t detract from Majid, but we could also still see Jordan for the entirety. One of
the nicest touches of the whole show were the regular shout outs to Jordan from Majid,
which not only pulled the audiences focus to the man behind the skilfully made beats, but
also their bond both musically and as mates.

Midway during the show we were joined by fellow Canadian and OVO artist, Baka, who
performed for two songs in a very high energy performance; perhaps a little different from
the vibes of Majid Jordan but nonetheless a welcome change given the popularity of trap /
rap currently.

In an all too frequently pulled move of artists “ending the show” just to come back on and
play their biggest hits, a big highlight was when they came back on at the end to perform
Her. It came as a shock that it was such a crowd favourite given its early release, but
nonetheless it was great to see the energy and enjoyment so high from so many people and
a true appreciation for their music. 

The O2 Forum housed them for the evening and was the perfect setting and setup for
the atmospheric beats and intimacy of their music. It worked to Majid’s advantage as it was
neither too big or too small for him to play the crowd and he made it work by ensuring that
he built up a rapport with everyone in the audience by working the stage.

For a sound that leans between R&B and ‘bedroom’ pop, it was difficult to imagine
beforehand how they might play the crowd or how their music would come across, but it
definitely raised expectations and demonstrated their versatility not just as recording artists
but as true performers.

As shows go, being able to leave having felt like you’ve seen the music in a different light and with a stronger liking for the artist is the sign of a stellar performance all round and I look forward to them touring again.