Fickle Friends headline O2 Academy Leicester

In celebration of their debut album being released, Fickle Friends are on tour.

Last Tuesday they came to the O2 Academy Leicester, which is located on the University of Leicester grounds, on what was to be a very special night. They played the last ever gig that was to be held in the Queen’s Hall.

Eager fans queued in the freezing cold; some of them wearing the band’s merch, like ‘Cry Baby’ jackets with plenty more being available for sale inside. 

Support came in the form of Magique and Valeras, both of whom were very impressive. Valeras, especially, seem to be ones to watch. As a young band, they were unashamedly loud, had strong vocals and are highly talented. The 5-piece rock band from Reading have also supported The Wombats recently.

The crowd came to life when the indie pop band of the moment, Fickle Friends, came to the stage. Colourful lights were used to illuminate the stage in the band’s 80s style. The five-piece brought a real energy with them and it definitely affected the crowd too. The atmosphere was amazing and you could see that everyone was having fun, especially when their more popular songs were performed. People were singing the lyrics to the songs, dancing and generally enjoying themselves.

The band are fronted by Natassja Shiner who has gorgeous vocals and a brilliant stage presence. She would even sit on the edge of the stage or crouch down in order to interact better with the fans. One song was dedicated to a fan of theirs who had attended every single show the band had ever played in their 4 years together. There was a lot of talking and interacting with the crowd in between the songs, which made the gig feel even more personal.

Fickle Friends are a Brighton-based band. They have a dedication to music which saw them touring the UK and Europe for 2 years and playing 53 festivals before they even had a manager! They are now signed to Polydor Records. The band describe themselves as “pop but with a slightly metal indie feel” and their high energy sound is something you will definitely enjoy if you like Chvrches and the 1975, for example. The 1975 are actually one of the bands that Fickle Friends say are an inspiration and that ‘Chocolate’ inspired their song, ‘Swim’. 

Their music is perfect for festivals because it has a very summery feel and, even on this bitterly cold night, hearing Fickle Friends play brought feelings of happiness and good times.

Fickle Friends played songs from their forthcoming album, You are Someone Else, including their hits ‘Swim’, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Cry Baby’ and their latest single, ‘Hard To Be Myself’. Shiner described ‘Hard To Be Myself’ as a song for anyone who has ever had to deal with social anxiety. It’s actually a really vibrant, joyful tune which reflects the night perfectly.

Fickle Friends’ album, You Are Someone Else, is out March 16th.