Music for Grenfell

When the news broke of a horredous fire that tore through the homes and hearts of a London neighbourhood, people immediately rallied together to offer sanctuary for those who had been left with nothing. At a time where familys have been torn apart with an unpresidented level of heart ache and loss, the love and compassion of a community pulling together in an attempt to restore any remaining hope has been the light during this very dark time. 

Since the devestating blaze, Shelter have been working tirelessly to help those affected and to ensure that those left homeless were rehoused. In addition the charity have been a lifeline to offer assistance and support to those who lived in the tower and nearby and ensure that these people are listened to. In order to do this Shelter work closely with local authorities to ensure the local people are provided the correct and substantial advise to aid them to try to rebuild their lives and to assist them through this most horrific time. 

With many questions still unanswered by the authorities, it is the impartial charities such as Shelter that desperately require additional finance to ensure they are funded well enough to provide this essential work. Bakery Boy Music proudly supported the Shelter fund raising gig on 27th June 2017 in Shepherds Bush, Bush Hall. The event was announced only a week before with artists Olugbenga of Metronomy, The Boxer Rebellion and Bastille offering their time and talent to attract the ticket sales and perform stripped back sets and Jack Savage (Friendly Fires) and concrete disco performing DJ sets. These wonderful acts dedicated the time and waivered any associated costs in order to put on a show whereby 100% of money raised went to the charity and directly to Shelters new Emergency Relief Fund for the people of Grenfell Tower. 

With a capacity of only 425, this intimate show was as magical and mesmerising as you could imagine with every person within the building having an overwhelming need to offer help and support where possible to Shelter. Pearse Grady, Bakery Boy Music, pulled the gig together within such a short space of time but with such precision that the event was a total success. The Bush Hall is beautiful with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, carpeted flooring and lovely ornate walls, the former dance hall is now a successful independent music venue and an ideal setting not far from the Grenfell Tower site.

The Boxer Rebellion opened the evening with a fantatic acoustic set. The Tennessee-native front man Nathan Nicholson gave us impeccable vocals set againts the incredible stripped back set. 

Olugbenga Adelekan performed solo with his captivating deep tones echoing beautifully around the hall. The Nigerian born musician plays bass for Metronomy however that night stood on stage alone with his guitar and performed an wonderful set.

Headliners, Bastille took to the stage later that evening performing stripped back versions of their tracks including Flaws, Icarus and of course the very fitting Warmth. The band have rightfully been vocal at recent gigs regarding political and social issues and with at this gig we had a fitting speech from Woody (Drummer) where he reminded the audience to stay angry and keep the pressure on councillers and MPs to get answers and to bring accountability to those that have caused this trauma. There is also a calling to ensure that this doesnt happen again and we need to be sure voices are heard in regards to this. 

Bastille are no stranger to donating their time to charity gigs having recently headlined at Union Chapel for Streets of London and with their ever growing popularity the band are able to bring the crowds to charity events in order to raise the money needed to really help and support our communities.

Pearse Grady should be very proud of what was achieved that night and I know that everyone involved deserves so much credit. Even with the final amount raised still to be annouced, we are able to confirm that 100% of the proceeds will go to those that need it most. I felt honoured to attend such a wonderful event, watch the talented musicians and artists and be able to contribute to the fantastic work that Shelter do. 

Thank you to everyone involved.