Eden Sessions presents...Bastille

Once again I find myself at a Bastille gig but this time its in a venue I have never been to before. Eden Project.

Tucked away in a quarry near St. Austell, Eden Project sits amongst fantastically maintained gardens with imposing biomes filled with different natural environments. The tranquil and relaxing atmosphere creates a perfect day out with plenty to see and do across the site however every summer, an outdoor arena is set up to create an out of this world musical experience unlike no other.

Eden Sessions is a festival without mud and wellies, a series of gigs performed outside no matter what the weather. June has a tendancy to be unpredictable with the elements but since we are amidst a heatwave, this session couldnt have been any better. With temperatures souring we made our way through the main entrance, there was no queues (which was a bonus) and after the security checks we headed down towards the biomes.

I have been to many gigs and festivals and this is by far the most well organised I have ever been to. There are plenty of staff on hand to help and assist as required, different bars available including a cocktail bar in a courtyard garden, and access to the Eden Project restaurant for food. It was run so smoothly. The entire site is clean and tidy and all attendees have a mutual respect for their surroundings which is a novelty compared to other festivals i have been too!

The stage is located infront of the biomes with the majority laid to tarmac but with sloping grass to the back of the arena. We positioned ourself on the grass at the back in the knowledge that all areas are well positioned for great viewing. 

Cider in hand we were set ready for the support act. The arena started to fill up quite quickly but there was still adequate room for people to not feel claustrophobic. 7.45pm the INCREDIBLE Rationale came onto stage.

Tinashe Fazakerley, whose stage name is Rationale, treated us all to an wonderful soulful set full of power and passion. Having recently received public recognition from Katy Perry, Rationale’s profile is increasing dramatically and it is thoroughly well deserved since he has put every ounce of his energy into his music and each performance he gives is incredible. His set was a great mix of his recent and older music and he was the perfect act to warm up the audience ready for the headliners to take to the stage. 

This was the second time I have seen Rationale live on stage and with a summer of various festivals and gigs including Victorious Festival, Southsea, I am looking forward to seeing him perform again.

With the sun going down the greatly anticipated Bastille took to the stage. Now nearing the end of the Wild World tour, you would have though that the guys would be showing some signs of flagging yet each and every time I see them they continue to give 110%. The energy that goes into their sets is admirable whether it be in a 1 hour slot at a major festival or their own headline set like Eden Sessions, I feel that they put on a fantastic show.

he indie-pop band are renowned for their political connotations within their tracks and following recent events, the lyrics become more relevant then we would care to believe. Performing tracks from their second album, Wild Wild World, the likes of Warmth and The Currents rang around the arena with meaning, with the crowd joining in and singing lines such as “Hold me in this wild wild world” and “we’re living in the currents you create.” Lead singer Dan Smith made reference to the world as it is and how messed up everything is and the crowd lapped up these comments with everyone in total agreement to the points he was making.

We were treated to a great mix of tracks from both albums with Dan singing and jumping through the audience to Flaws. This was a real crowd pleaser with an array of cameras immediately being raised to grab photos of him as he was up close with fans of all ages. The singer is renowned for his admittance to being a poor dancer and as such jumping is the best he can do. Having been to many Bastille gigs, I am usually up front in the crowd getting fully involved with the jumping yet being sat at the back felt like being in a garden party with your family giving you strange looks when you start to leap around like a crazy person. 

To my delight, Dan soon took up his position just behind us on a small stage and encouraged every one to jump around to “Of the night” meaning that the previously reserved people around me soon loosened up and were getting involved with the atmosphere that had been going on at the very front all evening.

As the sun set, the lighting from the stage really set the performance off and with the biomes also being illuminated to match the stage lighting it looked perfect.

The gig was fantastic, the setting was idealic and having never been to an Eden Sessions before, I left with a sense of complete satisfaction.

Walking back up to the top of the quarry you could look back at the scenary which were now lit in such a way that everything looked magical. The biomes were now yellow and blue, the pathways were beautifully lines with lighting and the distant sound of fans singing on the way out and the buzz of everyones positive comments regarding the evening rung in the air.

Bastille were incredible, as always and cant wait to see them again across the summer.