An interview with ... Otherkin

(Photo: Jake Haseldine

After what can only be described as a corker of a year for these four lads, Otherkin continue to take the punk rock scene by storm with their loud and electric live shows and intensively compulsive music.
Ahead of their set at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth at the end of August, they managed to spare some time to give me the low down on what has been happening in their crazy world and plans for the foreseeable too:

In your own words tell me about Otherkin?

Conor: Otherkin are apparently a bunch of people who think they are dragons however the band Otherkin are four idiots who play loud and fast guitar music!

When did your love for music start?

Conor: My earliest memories of enjoying music was hearing The White Album and sort sort of Greatest Hits by The Beach Boys. My love for playing music started when  I first heard Nevermind by Nirvana and it was from that point I wanted to pick up the guitar and got proper into being a little music nerd.

So who would been your main music influences?

Conor: I’d say artists like The Vines, Nirvana and AC/DC have the most influence on my writing and guitar playing. Its bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and The Beach Boys who always may me love music though.

I first say you supporting The Amazons and was instantly addicted to your music and energy! The last time I saw you play was end of May and you were headlining at The Boiler Room in Guildford, what have you been up to since then?

Conor: We got back to the UK for our own headline shows with Bad Nerves, we have released 3 singles (Bad Advise/ React/ Come on, Hello) all ahead of our debut album “OK” which is released 29th September and we have supported Guns ‘N’ Roses in Ireland. We have also hit up Download Festival and supported the Dead Kennedys in the UK!


So its been quite a busy few months for you all! Your album “OK” is released 29th September, What can you tell me about it? What can we expect of it?

Luke: So its our debut album which we are all real excited about. It’s called ‘OK’ and its got 12 tracks, some of which you may have heard and some of which you definitely wont have heard. We wanted to make a back to basic, four- to- the- floor, guitar-party album while youth was on our side and I think we have nailed it. The album has elements of garage- rock, punk and alternative music and there’s a huge amount of energy in it.

How long did it take you to write the album?

Luke: We have been consciously writing the album since last summer but there are sings that are older than that. We wrote way more songs than we needed because we wanted to make sure that the material that made it is as strong as it can possibly be. We actually wrote a quarter of the album in the month just before we hit the studio, everything we had written until the day we hit the studio was in contention.

Tell me a bit about your writing process?

Luke: Its a collaborative process completely. It varies from the song to song but the spark is almost always a guitar riff/ vocal melody that we kick around until its in a shape we can use. How long it takes to actually complete a song is another story. Sometimes we can complete a song in a day, other times it will take 9 months, like a god damn beautiful disaster of a sound baby!!

Who do you play your songs to first to see what reaction you get?

David: Once the four of us in a room are starting to get really excited about a new track then we know we have to give it a live debut. We like to slip new tracks into any live show if we feel they are ready. Who better to gauge a reaction to a new Otherkin song that our fans!

When you play live the crown reaction to your tracks is incredible! how does that make you feel?

David: Its a pretty surreal experience. We set out to make music people can lose themselves to, our gigs are a safe haven free from judgement where you can totally be at one with the music. Seeing this in the flesh though is pretty amazing, we are very humbled to be able to get to do what we do.

With that in mind you have just announced your headline tour, what have you got planned?

David: So we’ve got a 40+ date UK and European tour planned for when our album comes out. We’re going to be starting it off in England supporting INHEAVEN, before heading out on our UK tour in October. We cant wait to hit the road and spread the word of the ‘kin! 

You are playing a few festivals this summer including Victorious Festival in August. What do you enjoy best about the festival sets?

David: Festival crowds are the best. When you have a group of people united by a common love of music and who are there to also discover new music, its the perfect storm. Festival sets are a bit shorter than headliners also so you really have to bring your A game, we cant wait to get over to Victorious!

So as around up, what can we expect of your performance at Victorious Festival?

David: Noise, Sweat, Mayhem! Its going to be a riot!

Quite frankly, what more can you ask for!

Be sure to catch Otherkin at Victorious Festival this August bank holiday. Tickets available at